7/14/15 Minutes

LCAVFD minutes of the July 14, 2015 meeting with Lexington VFD
President Chris Miller opened the meeting at 7:40 PM.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.
Roll call with 13 of 14 Departments present, Oakland was absent.
A Quorum was present. 8 of 9 Board members present, Brian Ozier
Our guests were presented, they were,
Danny Pettus Lauderdale County Commissioner
Phillip Pettus AL State Representative
Rodney Pettus a candidate for Lauderdale Co. License Commissioner
Scott Moore M E S
The minutes of the previous meeting were presented, motion to approve by
Jeremy Holden, second by Frankie Phillips, passed.
The Agenda was presented, motion to approve by Frankie Phillips, second
by Jeremy Holden, passed.
The treasurers report was given by Steve McEachron,
operating account balance $59,975.51
fire prevention account balance 10,381.38
plat book sales account balance 10,143.31
all accounts balance, motion to approve by David Charles, second
by Jeremy Holden, passed.
Upcoming grants were discussed by Steve and the RCFP grant checks were
awarded to each department present by Representative Phillip Pettus.
EMT class@Muscle Shoals, class orientation Tue. July 21, starts July 27.
New Kids Trailer, tabled until the next meeting
Sparky the Dog Suit, a grant has been submitted, will know in September
Fire Prevention Totes, please bring them to Scott Childers if you want the
Fire Arm policy, Chris Smith, our County Attorney, recommended we
have a Fire Arm policy, a motion by Frankie Phillips, second by
Jeremy Holden that no firearms be allowed (carried) in our buildings.
President Chris Miller called for a hand vote by each department, the
motion passed with 12 departments voting for it, 2 departments were
absent at voting time.
20 YEARS + Fire Dept. service, get all names to Kenny for this plaque.
Recruitment Video, Dustin again asked for help in preparing a video. His
phone # is 2564609693,
all help appreciated.
Cart Training will be July 7, 2015 at 10:00 AM at the Adm. Bldg.
U H F radio channels, Steve reported on this, no action taken
Platt books, we are almost out, motion by Trent Putman, second by
Frankie Phillips to purchase 100 more @$20.00 each, passed
FIRE INSTRUCTOR class, starts Sat. Aug. 1, cost $75.00 per
FAIR PARKING, Steve agreed to go to the Fair Board with a request for a
raise. No raise since we have been doing this.
AAVFD meeting in Tuscaloosa July 23 24.
Steve McEachron will be
going. It was agreeded to vote for the incumbents.