2/10/15 Minutes

LCAVFD minutes of meeting with Mid Lauderdale February 10, 2015
President Chris Miller called the meeting to order at 7:50.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.
Roll Call with 10 of 14 Departments present. Central, Elgin, Lexington and
Waterloo were absent. A quorum was present.
Our guests were presented, they were:
Joe Hackworth Lauderdale County Commissioner,
Danny Pettus “ “ ¨
Will Matlow St. Florian Municipal Court Judge,
Don Strait St. Florian Mayor,
Dr. Husanny ER director at ECM Hospital
Tim Greer Lauderdale County EMA
Mellissa Hearn “ “
Gary Cosby Alabama Fire College, discussed training
certificates and EMT online.
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read, motion to approve by
Robin Mitchell, second by Frankie Phillips, approved.
The Agenda was presented with additions, motion to approve by
David Charles, second by Joe Maxwell, approved.
The Treasurers report was presented by Steve McEachron:
Operating account $58,870.76
Fire Prevention account $2,345.68
all accounts balanced, motion to approve by Frankie Phillips,
second by David Charles, approved.
Containers, motion by Frankie Phillips, second by David Charles, to
sell them if possible, if not scrap them out. approved
Disaster Response, motion by David Charles, second by Kayln Riley to
refer this to the Chiefs, approved.
List for the Rehab Ambulance, a committee was appointed to resolve
this issue, committed composed of Kenny Laxson, Brian Ozier, David Charles,
Thomas Hovatter, Leslie Bradley and Chance Wisdom.
LCAVFD minutes of meeting with Mid Lauderdale February 10, 2015
Banquet the Yearly Banquet was discussed with many comments, both
pro and con, and the consensus was, ¨ Ẅe had a good Banquet¨.
Bell for the Association, a motion was made by Joe Maxwell,
seconded by Leslie Bradley, that the Association purchase a Bell, spending
no more than $1000.00 for the Bell and mount. The Bell recommended is
an American La France Fire bell.
Fire Life and Safety Day, was discussed at length, general
consensus was that we had a good day at the St. Florian Octoberfest, and
to have it there again this year. The date will be October 3, 2015.
After the Board Member reports, Dr. Husanny from EMC commented
about the number and qualifications of the Doctors available at ECM now.