August 12, 2014 Minutes

Meeting with Elgin VFD

The meeting was called to order by President McCanless at 8:10 P.M.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.


Roll Call with 10 of 14 Departments present. Oakland, Waterloo, Central and Greenhill were absent.


A Quorum was present.   7 officers present. Cleve Miles and Ted Kavich were absent.


Our guests were introduced:

            Augie Hendershot, candidate for Lauderdale County Sheriff.

            Andy Betterton, candidate for State House district 2

            Sam Newton, Sam Newton Insurance

            Tim Greer, Lauderdale County EMA

            George Grabryan, Lauderdale County EMA

            Danny Pettus, candidate for Lauderdale County Commission, district 1

            Rick Singleton, candidate for Lauderdale County Sheriff


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented for approval. Motion to approve by Randy Brown, second to the motion by Frankie Phillips, motion passed.


The agenda was presented for approval. Motion to approve as amended by Frankie Phillips, second by Randy Brown, motion passed.


The treasurer’s report was presented.

Fire Prevention account =       $10,313.44

            Operating account =               $52,978.11


            Motion to approve by Keith Springer, second by Frankie Phillips, motion passed.



  • Containers - Ted and Randy are working on this, a grant is pending. Randy has a crane available when needed.
  • Honor Guard - Kenny Laxson is working on this. Deadline to apply is August 27. The will be a meeting at the Greenhill Administrative Building on Saturday, Aug 30 for members. Uniforms are $607.00. Brass is $189.00 each.
  • Fire Fighter 1 online class - The 160 will start September 9th. 42-43 people have signed up. Working to get a Firemenship 1 class set up. Joe Maxwell talked about a Firemenship 1 at UPVFD.
  • Fire Life and Safety Day – Saturday, October 4th.   The events were discussed. Events will remain the same.
  • Pink Heals Tour - Friday August 22nd. Founders Day Parade, lineup at J. C. Mauldin Rd. at 5:30 P.M.
  • NWA State Fair Parking - September 16th thru 21st. Need help, especially on Saturday. THIS PARKING DETAIL HAD BROUGHT US $68,000 FOR THE ASSOCIATION DURING THE 17 YEARS.
  • 2015 annual banquet - January 31, 2015, at Cross Point Church. Entertainment was discussed, must make a decision by the next meeting.
  • Platt Books - Rockford Publishing is selling ads, winding down for publication.



  • President McCanless presented a request for a parking detail for September 1st, Labor Day at the fairgrounds, the request died for lack of a motion.
  • Smokey Bear suit - because due to the time involved the Board ordered a new suit. A motion to pay for the new suit was made by Randy Brown, second by Joe Maxwell, motion passed.
  • Football Game Schedules need to be sent to Shoals Ambulance ASAP. Any changes that are made also need to be updated to them. PLEASE, let’s work with them, we appreciate them furnishing the ambulance.
  • Everbridge - the chiefs have been sent letters, the departments can make changes. Call Melissa for more information.
  • TVA Exercise - Anderson, Elgin, Killen, Lexington and Rogersville have been selected to participate in an exercise with TVA. Training will be announced.
  • Medical Advisor / Director - Randy Brown made a motion to allow President McCanless to arrange for a new Medical Advisor / Director for the Association, second by David Moss, motion passed.
  • Alabama Fire College Week - October 9th thru 12th.


Steve and Kenny talked about the events for Fire Life and Safety Day. Frankie Phillips made a motion to stay with what we have, second by Joe Maxwell, motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15