September 9, 2014 Minutes

Meeting with Underwood/Petersville VFD

President McCanless called the meeting to order at 7:58PM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.


Roll call with 11 of 14 member departments present. Central, Elgin and Lexington were absent.

            A quorum was present.

Board members 7 of 9 members present. Cleve Miles and Chris Miller were absent.


Our guests were presented;

            Melissa Hearn - 911

            Danny Pettus - Candidate for Lauderdale County Commission, District 1

            Mark Bray - candidate for AL State Senate.

            Augie Henderson - Candidate for Lauderdale County Sheriff

            Josh Dodd, speaking for Phillip Pettus - Candidate for State Representative, District 1.

            Chris Willis - Air Med Care Network, (Air Evac)

            Tim Greer - Lauderdale County E M A.

            Gregg Burdine - Candidate for Alabama House of Representative

            Andy Betterton - Candidate for Alabama House of Representative


The Minutes of the previous meetings were presented for approval, motion to approve by Robin Mitchell, second by Frankie Phillips, approved.


The Agenda for this meeting was presented for approval. Motion to approve by David Charles, second by Robin Mitchell, approved.


The Treasurer’s report was given.

Fire Prevention Account =     $10,292.31

Operating Account =               $53,617.91


            Motion to approve by David Charles, second by Ted Kavich, motion passed.



  • Containers - Ted is working on funding for these.
  • Honor Guard - we would like to have 14 members, with 1 from each department, if possible            application is on the website, deadline to apply is 9/30/14.
  • Disaster Response - Ted and Trent are working on this for District 5.
  • Fire fighter One class - report by Ted Kavich, class starts the 17th, We need more Fire Fighter training books, motion to purchase 10 more by Chris Brewer, second by Robin Mitchell, approved.
  • Fire Life and Safety Day, Saturday, October 4, 2014 at St. Florian Octoberfest, competition starts at 9:00AM.
  • NWAL STATE FAIR parking detail, need help especially Saturday.
  • 2015 Annual Banquet Entertainment, the entertainment has been arranged.
  • Table at the Fair, need someone for 4 or 5 hours, Tue. Thurs. and Sat.
  • Medical Advisor, President McCanless is working on this.



  • Smokey Bear suit, a new suit has been ordered, a grant applied for may pay for this.
  • Football schedules, please get your schedule and any changes that are made to Shoals Ambulance ASAP.
  • Everbridge paging - will go into effect, duplicate pages can be expected.
  • TVA exercise - Anderson, Elgin, Killen, Lexington and Rogersville will take part in this during September 2015