May 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

LCAVFD minutes of May 13th meeting at Central VFD


The meeting was called to order by President Adam McCanless at 7:46PM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.


Roll call with 13 of 14 departments present.  Elgin was absent.  A Quorum was present.


Our guests were introduced:
    Phillip Pettus - candidate for State Representative, District 1
    Randall McCrary - candidate for Sheriff of Lauderdale County
    Jeremy Baker - candidate for Sheriff of Lauderdale County
    Danny Pettus - candidate for Lauderdale County Commission, District 1
    Tim Melson - candidate for State Senator, District 1
    Josh Statom - candidate for State Representative, District 1          
    Brett Martin - candidate for Sheriff of Lauderdale County
    Rick Singleton - candidate for Sheriff of Lauderdale County
    George Graybryan - Lauderdale County EMA
    Tim Greer – Lauderdale County EMA
    Blake Hargett - Shoals Ambulance
    Kelly Aday – Sam Newton Ins.    


The state Firefighter Association will meet in Colbert County August 8th and 9th at the North Alabama  Fairgrounds.  Our Children’s competition trailer will be loaned to Colbert County at that time.  Our Association will have a full page in the program.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented motion to approve by Posey, second by W. Smith, and motion passed.


The agenda was presented, motion to approve by Steve Watkins, second by Phillip Pettus, motion passed.


The Treasurer’s report was read:
    •    Operating account = $51,951.00
    •    Fire Prevention account = $10, 809.23
    •    Both accounts balance.


A motion to approve was made by Trent Putnam and second by Ted Kavich, and motion passed.


President McCanless read a Thank You note from the EMA dispatchers for the Goodie Basket that the Association sent them for National Communicators Week.


    •    Containers - Ted Kavich and others are working on this project and a grant has been applied for.
    •    Honor Guard - Kenny is working on this, getting additional bids from Emergency Wear.  He will need the names of the candidates from each department.
    •    Plat books - a second bid was presented, after much discussion, a motion was made to go with The Rockford Publishing Company and order 250 books at $20.00 each to start with and order more as needed.  Motion by Trent Putman, second by Phillip Pettus, motion passed.
    •    Health Screenings - need the names from each department to Adam.
    •    Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation - May was the deadline for information.  Motion was made to set up a meeting with Attorney Chris Smith to go over these papers and update them.  Motion by Phillip Pettus, second by Ted Kavich, motion passed.
    •    Smokehouse Renovations and Repairs - funds have been approved.  Scott will get the work started.
    •    Storm Shelter Registration - Adam is working on this project.  The departments have the registration forms for the public. About 50 registrations have been completed and turned in.
    •    LCAVFD shirts - Chris Miller has the samples and prices, order forms available to take back to your department.  
    •    LCAVFD Administration Building upkeep, (mower) - Cleve Miles presented prices and specifications for approval.  After much discussion, a motion was made to spend up to $5,000.00 for a mower for the Administration Building motion by Steve Watkins, second by Joe Maxwell and motion passed.
    •    Training Books - Ted K. has them and will be responsible for them. A grant has been submitted for reimbursement for them.
    •    RC&D grant -a $1,500.00 has been received for the Recruitment and Retention workshop.
    •    Ladder testing has begun, if you didn’t get in, the number is on the agenda.  Call if needed.



    •    Disaster Response - changes are in the making.  Trent Putman and Ted Kavich are working on this project.  More will be presented to the Chief’s at their meeting May 29th at 7:00 at the Administration Building in Greenhill. Need info and help on this for a new working plan to be presented.  Frankie Phillips spoke about co-operation between fire depts. and helping others when needed during Disaster Response times.
    •    Training - Doug Hatton spoke about a new on-line FireFighter 1 class available from the Alabama Fire College.  The course is free.  You take your book work online then schedule your working part at     the College.  See Ted K. for more information.  
    o    There is a free Haz - Mat course starting Thurs. May 15th at Oakland.
    o    The Live Burn Trailer will be at Waterloo Mon. & Tue. June 2nd & 3rd and at Center Star Thur. & Fri. June 5th & 6th.
    •    Meeting Schedule Change - Killen and Greenhill are swapping meeting months.  July meeting at Killen and October meeting at Greenhill.
    •    Cleve reported that the Ford 350 is parked outside the Administration Building waiting on parts.   
    •    The Kids Competition trailer needs work on the taillights.
    •    A load of gravel has been delivered to the Administration Building.
    •    Scott needs to know if and when you might want to use the Smokehouse so that a schedule is set and everyone gets to use it when needed.
    •    Morris reported that a donation account has been set up at Bank Independent for dispatcher Billy Rhodes.


A motion to adjourn by Trent Putman, all voted by rising.   


Dismissed at 8:50.