April 8, 2014 Minutes

LCAVFD minutes of April 8, 2014 at Lexington VFD


Mtg. called to order by Vice President Morris Lents in President Adam McCanless absence.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.


Roll call with 10 of 14 Depts. Present.  Anderson, Oakland, Elgin and Central were absent.
    A Quorum was present.


Our guests were introduced:
•    Danny Pettus - candidate for County Commission, Dist. 1
•    Tim Melson – candidate for State Senate Dist. 1
•    Phillip Pettus - candidate for State Representative Dist. 1
•    Augie Henderson - candidate for Lauderdale Co. Sheriff
•    Jonathan Berryhill - candidate for State Senate Dist. 1
•    Brett Martin - candidate for Lauderdale Co. Sheriff
•    Andrew Martin - Republican Party Nominating Committee
•    Josh Dodd -               “     “        “             “          
•    Tim Green - EMA
•    Scott Moore - MES
•    Kelly Aday - Sam Newton Insurance
•    Chris Willis - Air Evac
•    Tray Carter - AFBA Insurance,  
-    Mr. Carter explained more about the free insurance available.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read, motion to approve by Frankie Phillips, seconded by Posey,   motion passed.


The agenda was presented, motion to approve by D. Charles, seconded by C. Brewer, motion passed.


Treasurer’s report was read:

•    Operating acct. = $44,700.13
•    Fire Prevention acct. = $10,808.79
•    Plat Book acct. = $10,626.21
•    All accounts balanced.

Motion to approve by D. Charles, sec by F. Phillips, motion passed.



•    Containers:  Barry Gray - this project still working
•    Honor Guard:  K Laxson - reported about UPVFD and KILLEN Honor Guard’s

o    By general agreement we would like to have the third, LCAVFD Honor Guard.  
o    New uniforms run $600 to $900
o    Brass approximately $250
o    It was suggested that the number of members be set at 14, one from each Dept. if available,  
o    Department would purchasing the uniform
o    Association purchasing the Brass
o    Carried to next meeting

•    Platt Books - the Board met with the Representative, will have prices and bid by next meeting
•    Health Screenings - are being done, Pres. McCanless needs the names ASAP.
•    By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation - deadline for additions May meeting
•    Smokehouse repairs - more next meeting
•    Early Notification - some misunderstandings here

o    NO TRUCKS are to be moved
o    more discussion next Chief’s meeting

•    Storm Shelter Registration, this is for private shelter registration, safety only, each department has a packet with the information.
•    State AAVFD officer nominations - none made.
•    LCAVFG shirts - Chris Miller will have sample shirts and prices for the next meeting




•    Ladder testing - the number and info is in the Agenda.
•    Cart - will be used in Recruit School, schedule is in the Agenda.
•    Children’s Mud Bog - discussed by Chris Willis, by general agreement, we will wait to see what the St. Florian Octoberfest committee does with this suggestion.
•    Fire Reports - much discussion, motion by F. Phillips, seconded by B. Gray to order them one page only.  Motion passed.
•    EMS form - remain the same.
•    Fire Fighter I and II books, motion by D. Charles, seconded by J. Maxwell to purchase 20 @ $100 each

o    The Training Director will police these books, making sure they are turned in after use
o    A grant is possible.

•    Automatic Alarms, primary response - after much discussion it was decided to leave the protocol as is for now.
•    Bary Gray asked if any action has been taken about purchasing a mower for the Administration building.  He stated again that the Greenhill department would be responsible for all repairs, servicing and care of the lawnmower if one was purchased.  They will mow the grass at the Administration building.  Prices were quoted at $3,500.00 to $5,100.00.   Cleve M. is working on this project.


Meeting adjourned at 9:28.


The next meeting will be held at Central VFD on May 13th.