January 14, 2014 Minutes

LCAVFD minutes of January 14th meeting at Anderson VFD.


Pres. McCanless presented Gary Cosby, a representative from  the AL Fire College who presented a power-point presentation updating us on the resources available to us from the ALFC.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.

Roll call with 14 of 14 depts. present,  A quorum was present.


Our guests were presented:  
Augie Hendershot - candidate for Laud. Co. Sheriff
Jeremy Baker –Candidate for Laud. Co. Sheriff
Carmen Ray – Candidate for Laud. Co. Sheriff
Chris Willis - Air Evac
Leah Newton - Mayor of Anderson
Cory Newton & John Williams - Anderson Councilmen
Kelly Aday - Sam Newton Ins.
George Graybryan & Tim Greer – Laud Co. EMA/911
Gregg Angus - Consumer 1st Mortgage
Scott Moore – MES
Danny Pettus – Candidate for Laud. Co. Commission.


The minutes of the previous meeting were presented, motion by Frankie     Phillips, second by David Charles to accept, and passed.
The agenda was presented, motion by David Charles, second by Frankie     Phillips to accept, and passed.
Treasurer’s report was presented:  
Operating account = $58,427.13
Fire Prevention account = $3,374.36
Plat Book account = $10,414.91
All accounts balanced.   
Joe Maxwell motion to accept, second by (un-certain), and the motion passed.



The containers were discussed, this project is still working.

The Ambulance:  will go to Sharp Communication for radio installation, then to Designer Graphics for striping and finishing.  It will be presented for approval.


The Annual Banquet was discussed:  ticket sales, door prizes, and flowers. Honor Guard will be done by Killen & UPVFD.


Platt Books:  motion was made by David Charles second by (uncertain) to drop the price and ask a salesman from the company to attend our February meeting at Waterloo - motion passed.


R & R workshop was discussed:  Feb. 8th & 9th, registration is online.


Health Screenings - Adam is working on this.


CART:  the controller is ok, thermostat control on CO 2 may be bad,  $650 to repair, motion by Joe Maxwell to repair, second by Frankie Phillips - motion passed.    


BYLAWS: there was a lengthy discussion - According the Lauderdale County Attorney, Chris Smith, the BYLAWS adopted in January 2013 are what we should operate under at the present time. A recommendation was made from the floor for the Chiefs and Board of Directors to meet with Attorney Chris Smith to complete the adoption.


BOARD ELECTIONS - Nominations were made for the following:  
Scott Childers, Anderson,  
Kenny Laxson, Killen
Chris Miller, Cloverdale
Ted Kavich, Waterloo
 Joe Maxwell made a motion that nominations cease and seconded by David Charles.
The 4 nominees were elected to the open positions.
Steve made the announcement that the yearly dues are due, notices have been mailed.

Randy Brown stated that he had enjoyed his service on the Board of Directors.

There was a discussion about non-members of the fire departments working with us parking cars at the fair. (Our liability being the main topic.) - No action was taken at this time.
Motion to adjourn by Joe Maxwell, seconded by Chris Brewer, and motion was passed.
The next regular meeting will be with Waterloo on February 11, 2014.