December 10, 2013 Minutes

LCAVFD,   minutes of December 10, 2013,  meeting  at the Greenhill Administration Bldg..
Call to order,  roll call with 12 of 14 member depts. present.  Elgin and Waterloo absent.  Quorum present.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.
GUESTS  were,  Mellissa Hearn,  911, Florence.
Minutes of the pervious meeting were read,  Frankie Phillip made a motion to approve,  Trent Putman seconded, motion passed.
The agenda was presented,    Frankie Phillip made a motion to accept, Tim Burbank seconded,  motion passed.
Steve McEachron read the treasurer’s reports,      All balanced, Wesley Smith made a motion to approve,  Cam Michael seconded,  motion passed.
Trent Putman reported on the containers,  this project will continue working.
Cleve Miles reported that the lawn work at the Adm. Bldg. that was approved has been completed.  Comments were noted that the work looks very good.
The LCAVFD Ambulance was discussed,  still working on the safety chains and radios.
Adam McCanless discussed the F550,  it is up and running.  We had $2,200.00 left from the purchase of this truck.  Trent Putman made a motion to take $1,200.00 of this money and finish the hitch and install radios in the Ambulance,  seconded by Frankie Phillip,  motion passed.
Cleve Miles discussed the brakes on the CART,  the quote to repair the Hyd. brakes is $1,046.00.   Approx $900.00 to replace the Hyd. with Electric brakes.  Wesley Smith made a motion to have the Electric brakes installed, seconded by Trent Putman, motion passed.  These funds will be taken from the Lynn Greer funds.
Adam McCanless discussed the Banquet, The price this year will be $16.00 per ticket, due to an increase in price from the caterer.  Each Dept. will receive 30 tickets.  Each dept. is responsible for these 30 tickets. the money and/or tickets will be turned in at a pre-set time.
The Honor Guard was discussed,  Trent Putman and Johnny Dennis, are working on this.
Steve McEachron presented the 2014 Budget,  It was discussed,  Frankie Phillip made a motion to accept,  Wesley Smith seconded,  motion passed.
Adam McCanless stated that the Florence Fire Dept. will assist with the repairs on the CART if we present them with an invoice.  
Plat Books were discussed,  since they are available on-line this will be discussed more later.
Steve McEachron reported on the repairs to the Smokey Bear suit,  it will be repaired, but better care needs to be taken of Smokey Bear.       Steve discussed GRANTS, there are several available,    get with Steve about them.  Some have to be turned in soon.
Adam  McCanless discussed the NEW BY-LAWS and the 2 term limits,  stating we need legal counsel on this,  The elections will be postponed until the January meeting because of this problem.
Shoals Satellite ??????  Presentation to an individual Fire Dept.???????
Adam  McCanless agreed to loan the Kids Competition trailer to Colbert Co. when they have the State Convention the first weekend in August 2014.  
Adam  McCanless commented on the Recruitment and Retention Workshop that we will be having in conjunction with the Banquet.  The dates are Feb. 8th & 9th,          8 to 4 both days,          limit 50 people,  get your application in off the web ASAP.    This workshop will not cost LCAVFD anything.
Randy Brown updated on training,  some vocational schools are looking into a Firemanship training course that might be available,  The State Fire College is interested in this also.   This might help the career side too.
The Yearly award recommendations need to be in by the Jan. 14th ,County meeting. The next regular meeting will be with Anderson Jan. 14, 2014,
Motion to adjourn by Trent Putman, seconded by Frankie Phillip, motion passed.