November 12, 2013 Minutes

Lauderdale County Association of VFD Meeting Minutes - 11/12/2013 @ 7:49 PM


Anderson, Cloverdale, Killen, Oakland, Center Star, Lexington, Rogersville, Central, Greenhill, Mid Lauderdale, Underwood Petersville, Zip City.  


Scott Moore - MES
Mayor Don Strait
Tim Greer – EMA
George Grabryan – EMA
Blake Hargett – Shoals Ambulance
Melissa Hearn – Florence / Lauderdale 911
Tom Wisser – Restoration Works


Minutes were read by Morris Lentz –
Motion to approve by David Charles, Second by Frankie Phillip, Motion Passed


Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve by Frankie Phillips – Seconded by David Charles, Motion Passed

Financial Report by Steve McEachron
Motion to approve by Trent Putman, Seconded by Frankie Phillip, Motion Passed


Unfinished Business
Container report was given by Trent Putman.  He is still working on the project and will give an update in a future meeting.


Ground work at the Administration Building.  Cleve Miles informed the group Murphy Brothers $1,708.00 for sod and dirt work.  Wesley Smith obtained two loads of dirt donated.  Murphy Brothers will start this project this week.  I minimum fuel charge may be assessed for the hauling of the dirt. Randy Brown – Ambulance update.  The hitch is now installed.  The truck is @ Hensley’s getting electrical work modified.  


F550 Status – The truck has been lettered and serviced.  Currently with Sharp Communication getting lights and siren installed.   Previously approved to spend $10,000 for this project.  We are going to need an additional $500 to finish the project.  Motion made by David Charles, Seconded by Trent Putman.  Motion passed.


Scott Childers – Annual Banquet discussed.  Scott is working on the tickets to pass out to the membership.    Everyone should receive 30 tickets.   Tickets will be pre-sold this year.  Each department is responsible for these tickets.  Money or tickets but be turned in by a pre-set deadline.  Tickets will be numbered and will be used in the door prize giveaways.  Tickets should be available at the December Meeting.


Budgets – The 2014 Budget was discussed.  A copy is available for review from any board member.  A review and adjustment is currently underway by the board.  This will be submitted to the general membership for approval at the next meeting in December.  It was noted we have not received the money from the North Alabama State Fair Parking Detail totaling $4,700.  Morris Lentz will be contacting the North Alabama State Fair Board concerning these funds.


New Business
Change of By-Laws.  The board met after the Fire Prevention Parade to discuss the lack of participation in filling positions on the board of directors.  It was discussed cutting the directors on the board by two members.  This would cut the Special Projects and EMA Liaison position from the board.  The Special Projects duties would be transferred to the Vice-President and EMA Liaison duties would nolonger exist.  This was presented to the Chief’s Meeting the next week.  Adam McCanless stated if you read the by-laws we are to make an amendment to them.  These by-laws have not been recorded with the state yet.  The board of directors recommends we adopt a whole new set of by-laws.  The only changes would be the removal of the directors.  Once these pass they will be recorded on the state level and any future changes will be my an amendment.  Motion to adopt new by-laws by Frankie Phillips.  Second by Steve Watkins.  The bylaws will be recorded with the state and county.  Motion passed.


Steve McEachron discussed the rules and regulations of borrowing the Smoky Bear Suit.


Board Elections next month.  Frankie Phillips and Wesley Smith are on the nominating committee.  The fire departments eligible are:  Anderson, Center Star, Cloverdale, Elgin, Greenhill, Killen, Lexington, Waterloo and Zip City.


The December Meeting will be held @ the Greenhill Administrative Building.  Morris Lentz will handle the catering.


Plat Books were discussed.  The board is interested in having a meeting with company about this project.  However, it was noted that we did not sell our previous plat books as we should.  Trent Putman brought up the fact that tax and plat information is now available online for free from the courthouse.

This project is being tabled until more information can be gathered.


Cart. It was noted we are having trouble with the cart.  Scott and Bubba have loaned us a controller until we can figure out why the unit is going dead.  Adam will keep the membership updated.  It is noted Florence Fire will have the cart during Rookie School.


Morris Lentz reminded the group to our equipment in working order such as the Fire Safety Trailer.  When used it needs to be cleaned and left in good working order for the next department that may use it.  


Door prizes were given away.  Our next association meeting will be at the Greenhill Administration Building in December.


Motion made by Frankie Phillips to adjourn.  Seconded by David Charles.  Motion passed.

Morris T. Lentz / Vice President 11-12-2013