August 13, 2013 Minutes

Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments Minutes

August 13, 2013

The Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments met at the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department on August 13, 2013.  Roll call was made with 13 out of 14 volunteer fire departments present.  Elgin VFD was absent.


Guests were recognized:

*Augie Hendershot – Candidate for Lauderdale County Sheriff

*Darryl Shelton & Mike Boston – M3 Fire Apparatus

*Don Williams – Lauderdale County Association of VFD’s Chaplain and director of the Lauderdale Children’s Children’s Home.  Mr. Williams announced the childrens home will be sponsoring a “Helping Hands Drive” on October 12, 2013.  He is requesting help from the local volunteer fire departments for traffic control in regards to this event.

*David Garnder & Chris Willis – Air Evac.  Davis reminded the group the Air-Evac was celebrating 12 years in the Shoals.  Cancellations of helicopters to emergency scenes was dicussed.  Any complaints need to be in written form to EMA.  CPR Classes are available through Air-Evac.  Chris Willis discussed the various membership fee’s for Air-Evac.

*George Grabryan – Florence Lauderdale EMA

*Tim Greer – Florence Lauderdale EMA.  Tim reminded the group that everyone need to have a plan for electronic record retention.

*Melissa Hearn – Florence/Lauderdale 911

*Travis Clemmons – Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office.  Mr. Clemmons reminded the membership to be very aware of their surroundings in light of the recent events that occurred in the Central Community.

*Sam Newton – Sam Newton Insurance.  Sam reminded the group that VFIS will conduct a safety driving school for any VFD when requested.  Call Sam for more information.

*Jeremy Keith Baker – Candidate for Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office.


A motion was made by Randy Brown to adopt the agenda.  Second by David Charles.  Motion carried by voice vote with no opposition.

Minutes were from the previous meeting were read by Morris Lentz.

Motion made by Wesley Smith to accept meeting minutes.  Seconded by Nicky Kavich.  Motion carried by voice vote with no opposition.


Steve McEachron presented the treasures report:

Plat Book Sales – Savings account

Opening Balance @ $10,391.25

One deposits @ $1.15

Ending Balance @ $10,392.40

Operating Account

Opening Balance @ $46,296.76

Four deposits @ $12,698.10

Thirteen Checks  @ $1,243.28

Ending Balance @ $57,753.81

Fire Prevention

Opening Balance @ $9,633.91

No deposits

Interest @ $ .41

No checks

Ending Balance @ $9,634.32


A motion was made by Nicky Kavich to accept the treasures report.  Seconded by Cleve Miles.  Motion carried by voice vote with no opposition.


Unfinished Business

Containers at Greenhill.  No update.

Groundwork @ Greenhill.  Barry Gray will be doing some work the week of August 20th.  Tree’s have been cut.


Fire Life and Safety Day

October 5th – St. Florian.


The membership was reminded to get totes back to the association for distribution of fire prevention material.


A motion was made by Nicky Kavich to move the Night of Fire – Fire Prevention Parade to Sunday, October 13th @ 2PM in downtown Florence.  Seconded by David Charles.  Motion passed with voice vote. No opposition.


Extrication rules were discussed.  A motion was made by Nicky Kavich to accept the extrication rules.  Seconded by Joe Maxwell.  Motion carried on a voice vote with no opposition.


Cleve Miles was appointed as a new member of the county board.  Nominated by Wesley Smith.  


New Business

The North Alabama State Fair will be September 17th – 22nd.  We will be parking cars again this year.


The Alabama Fire College Burn Trailer will be located @ Station #2 in Waterloo beginning @ 6 PM next week.


A motion was made by David Charles to appropriate $600 for propane expense in regards to the AFC Trailer.  Motion seconded by Wesley Smith.  Motion carried by voice vote with no opposition. 


Security lock and key will be dispatched at no charge to calls in the county in which someone had locked their child in the car.


It was announced that Kristi Bevis will be coming off the board as secretary of the LCAVFD.  


Randy Brown gave an update on the AAVFD Conference.  Randy is requesting a meeting with those wanting to take the 160 class.  Date will be forthcoming.


Morris Lentz – no updates.


Adam McCanless.  He has submitted grant applications to Greg Burdine and Tammy Irons.  Adam will be speaking with the county commission for additional grant funds.  

Adam announced he met with the local new media this Friday to discuss volunteer recruitment and retention.  

A request has been sent to the county commission for an additional $5,000 per department.  This will be $15,000 per department instead of the usual $10,000.


Steve McEachron – No updates.

Scott Childers – No updates.



David Charles thanked everyone for their help with the Cheri Miles Benefit.

Wesley Smith discussed a pistol policy central VFD has for their members.

Next meeting @ Cloverdale VFD.

A motion was made to adjourn by Nicky Kavich.  Seconded by David Charles.  Motion carried by voice vote with no opposition.