June 11. 2013 Minutes



The regular meeting of the Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments was held June 11, 2013 at the Underwood Petersville Volunteer Fire Department.


Roll Call was held with Cloverdale VFD, Waterloo VFD, Elgin VFD and Lexington VFD Absent.


Special guests were recognized:

-Mr. Jimmy Collier / Alabama Fire Marshall’s Office – Mr. Collier discussed the upcoming fireworks season.  Mr. Collier also passed out CD’s of fire codes.
-Mr. Doug Hartley /Air Evac – Mr. Hartley announced their company was about to take delivery of a new aircraft to serve our area.  He also reminded the group that LZ Classes were available along with CPR classes (if needed).
-Dustin Simmons / Florence Fire-Rescue -  Mr. Simmons advised the group of the upcoming 911 Memorial Stair Climb.  Proceeds will benefit the National Fallen Firefighters Association.  Sponsors are needed.
-Lisa Brown / Florence Lauderdale 911
-Blake and Shawn were recognized with Shoals Ambulance
-Tim Greer / Florence Lauderdale EMA – Tim advised the group the TVA Exercise was a success.
-Judge Hall / Lauderdale County Probate Office
-Scott Moore / MES – Scott send his regards but was unable to attend due to a family sickness
-William Smith / License Commissioner – Mr. Smith sends his regards but had to depart to a new baby on the way.


Motion made to accept agenda by David Charles / seconded by Wesley Smith – Voice vote from the floor taken/


Treasurers report given by Mr. Steve McEachron
Motion made by David Charles to accept / seconded by Jim Hultsziser.  Voice vote from the floor taken/passed.


Containers were discussed that are to be used at the Greenhill Administrative Property.  A committee needs to be formed to discuss how these containers will be maintained and used.  This committee is to meet at the next association meeting to be held in Killen.  This committee will be @ 6 PM.  Adam McCanless requested a list of names for this committee.


Grading work has not started on the Greenhill Property due to the weather.  This should be forthcoming soon.


Life Safety Day was discussed.  The board is having trouble meeting with the Mayor St. Florian about moving the event to St. Florian during their October Festival.  Joe Maxwell recommended the Life Safety Day remain @ Lowe’s.  Adam McCanless stated we will make a final decision at the July 9th association meeting in Killen.


Distribution of Wildland Fire Academy Gear was discuseed.  Training is still available from the instructors who original held the Wildland Fire Academy Training.  This will be at a cost for those departments wanting that training.  


A motion was made by Robbie Mitchell to purchase the ambulance from Killen Center Star Rescue Unit.  Seconded by Randy Brown.  A vote was taken from the floor.  Those departments present voted 9 yes with Central voting 1 no.  Motion passed.


A motion was made by Frankie Phillips to use the Lynn Greer Fund to pay for the ambulance purchase.  Seconded by David Charles.  A vote was taken from the floor.  10 Yes and 0 no.  Motion passed.


A motion was made by Joe Maxwell to sell the Suburban vehicle belonging to the LCAVFD to the Killen Volunteer Fire Department for a purchase price of $2,000.  Seconded by David Charles.  A vote was taken from the floor.  10 Yes and 0 no.  Motion passed.

Insurance invoices have been mailed out to the various VFD’s.  There was mix up in getting these out sooner.

A report was requested from the nominating committee for replacement board of directors.  This committee consiste of Frankie Phillips and Robert Smith.  Frankie and Robert had zero nominations.


It was announced that Greg Rhodes will be stepping down from the board due to family obligations.


Robbin Mitchell and Wesley Smith were asked to be on a new nominating committee to fill three board positions that are now open.


Adam McCanless discussed the possibility of the association purchasing a 1 Ton Truck for the association.  Adam stated he has a commitment from Greg Burdine for $5,000 and would be asking other elected officials for help.  Adam stated there is a need for the third truck to pull equipment.  David Charles made a motion to further explore this idea.  Wesley Smith seconded.  No floor vote was taken.


Adam stated he will checking to add vendors to our website and other information.


Adam will be working with the local news media in doing a story here in Lauderdale County about the need for volunteers and recruitment.  A motion was made by Randy Brown to approve this item.  Robbin Mitchell seconded the motion.  No floor vote was taken.


There was discussion concerning the LCAVFD Email Ring.  It was discussed that this email ring is privately owned and is not regulated by the association or its board of directors.  Adam asked that comments of a positive nature need to be made on this email ring.  It was further stated that a phone call to a fire chief would be in order if comments were deemed unacceptable.


Steve McEachron informed the group we had an old safety deposit box @ Compass Bank.  The box was drilled and title to older vehicles were found.


Randy Brown discussed the recent LP Gas Training that was held in the county.  Over 100 firefighters participated in this event.
Two Firemanship 1 classes are coming up and will be held in Elgin.

Firemanship 2 training will begin soon.
Randy has been asked to teach the Volunteer Firefighter 1 Certification Course.  The location will probably be in Greenhill.  More information will be forthcoming.


Thanks was given to the Underwood/Petersville VFD for the evening meal.


It was reminded that fire shelter training was following this meeting.


Joe Maxwell made a motion to donate $250.00 to the 911 Stair Climb.  Wesley Smith seconded the motion.  A floor vote was taken.  Yes 10 and 0 no.  Motion passed.


Killen VFD advised the group that the Alabama Fire College Fire Simulation Trailer will be at their department on July 27th.


Motion made by Frankie Phillips to adjourn.  Seconded by David Charles.  Motion passed.