March, 2013 Minutes


LCAVFD Meeting
March 2013
7:30 PM




Adam McCanless, Morris Lentz, Steve McEachron, Tommy Blackburn, Greg Rhodes



Anderson, Center Star, Cloverdale, Elgin, Greenhill, Killen, Mid-Lauderdale, Oakland, Rogersville, Underwood/Petersville, Zip City



Tim Greer–EMA
Jason Clemmons–Lauderdale EMS
Jeff Streit–Air Evac–Jeff asked that if anyone needed any Landing Zone Classes taught in their department to contact him direct.
Alagasco–Braxton Wynn–Alagasco gave a short presentation concerning Natural Gas Emergencies and response.


Minutes disbursed by Adam McCanless
Motion made by Justin Bishop to accept minutes / Motion seconded by Trent Putman / PASSED


Agenda Presented by Adam McCanless
Motion made by Jim Holtz to accept Agenda / Motion seconded by Frankie Phillips / PASSED


Treasurer Report presented by Steve McEachron
Motion made by Frankie Phillips to accept Treasurer Report/ Seconded by Jim Holtz / PASSED



Cart has been repaired / $500 repair costs


Lynn Greer Fund
One (1) Conex Box has been delivered to Administrative Property / 2 more are forthcoming Honor Guard–discussion concerning set up and uniforms costs


Wall Removal

Quote of $1,300 to remove wall in Administrative Complex Building between two interior rooms. Motion made by Frankie Phillips to remove the wall at a costs of $1,300. Motion seconded by Jim Holtz / PASSED

Rescue Randy

EMA has 3 Rescue Randy's. Two (2) will be available for loan from EMA to the county association.
Used fire truck–Discussion concerning the cost of obtaining a used fire truck for training purposes. Motion was made by Justin Bishop to remove this from the Lynn Greer Funding Proposal. Motion seconded by Trent Putman / PASSED


Mid-Lauderdale and Lexington have not paid their annual LCAVFD Due's.


Mid-Lauderdale and Lexington owe $30.00 each for banquet tickets.



There was discussion concerning the administrative building. Grass season is approaching along with drainage issues. It was discussed and decided to table this discussion until the next meeting of the association.



Chief's are being requested to send at least one training officer to meet with Randy Brown and come up with a county training calendar. Please get those names to Randy asap.




Steve McEachon–Incident response guides are available along with I-300 ICS Text Books. Morris Lentz–No business


Tommy Blackburn–No business


Greg Rhodes–No business


Tim Greer expressed his appreciation for the help received in regards to the Austin Knox Assistance endeavor.


Anderson VFD announced they are having an open house and fish fry on March 23 beginning @ 11 AM.


Training Dates Announced:

April 13th Classroom Extrication 9am - 5pm
April 27th Cart Training 9am until
May 11th Water Flow / Elkhart 8am - 5pm



Next meeting will be at Greenhill VFD

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Justin Bishop. Seconded by Frankie Phillips / PASSED