February 12, 2013 Minutes

LCAVFD Meeting
February 12, 2013
7:30 PM


The regular meeting of the Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments was hosted by Central Fire Dept.  President Adam McCanless called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.   


Secretary Kristy Bevis conducted the roll call and noted that 13 of 14 departments were present (Greenhill was absent).  There was a quorum present with 7 of 9 directors present Adam McCanless, Morris Lentz, Kristy Bevis, Steve McEachron, Randy Brown, Greg Rhodes and Tommy Blackburn. Brandon Haddock and Dick Snider was absent.
President Adam McCanless recognized the following guests:  Tim Greer (EMA), George Grabryan (Florence-Lauderdale EMA and 911) Fay Parker (County Commission), John James (Alabama Fire College) and Melissa Hearn (Lauderdale County 911)
The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed in advance and approved by a unanimous vote.
Steve McEachron presented the treasurer’s report.  A balance of $63,515.23 was reported for the general fund account.  A balance of $3,051.52 was reported for the fire prevention account.  All accounts balanced and copies of bank statements are made a part of this record.


Budget- Budget was passed.  


Banquet- Thank you to all who helped with the banquet.  MES, NAFCO, Lowes, AIR EVAC, Shoals Marriot, SunBelt,
Heritage Fire, Sam Newton, And K&N Antenas. Also it was voted on and passed to have Steve Brogan back for entertainment.


Cart- It was passed to get the generator on the cart fixed if cost is under $1000.00, if it will be more to fix we will buy  a new generator.


BOARD MEMBER REPORTS – Adam, Dues need to be paid by Cloverdale, Lexington, Rogersville and Mid-Lauderdale. Reminder invoices have been mailed out. Training - April 13 Compressor Training, April 27 Extrication Training, May 11 Water Flow training.


Other Business- MES training did not occur, Containers have to be moved Berry Grey will oversee, Library is not necessary, Removal of wall at Greenhill building was discussed, County honor guard is on hold, Rescue Randy is also on hold, George Grabryan said they might have one they can issue us. Max Williams talked about the HAM test the first Saturday of month at 9am. Florence Library, $14.00 to take test.
Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:29 PM.