December 11, 2012 Minutes

LCAVFD Meeting
December 11, 2012
7:30 PM


The regular meeting of the Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments was hosted by Zip City Fire Dept.  President Morris Lentz called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.  Secretary Kristy Bevis conducted the roll call and noted that 12 of 14 departments were present (Central and Anderson was absent).  There was a quorum present with 7 of 9 directors present: Morris Lentz, Justin Bishop, Kristy Bevis, Steve McEachron, Randy Brown, Nicky Kavich and Tommy Blackburn. Terry Whitehorn, Dick Snider was absent.
President Lentz recognized the following guests:  Tim Greer (EMA) Lisa Brown  and Melissa Hearn (Florence-Lauderdale 911); Jason Clemmons (Lauderdale EMS); and William Smith (Lauderdale County License Commissioner), 
 and Laura Smith (Mo Brooks)
The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed in advance and approved by a unanimous vote.
Steve McEachron presented the treasurer’s report.  A balance of $63,714.47 was reported for the general fund account.  A balance of $5,911.56 was reported for the fire prevention account.  All accounts balanced and copies of bank statements are made a part of this record.


BYLAW REVISIONS – Final Draft is ready and will be voted on next meeting.  

Firefighter 2- Firefighter 2 will start Jan 8, 2013.This will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Totaling 40 hours. Let Tony Eckl know if you are interested.


Nims- Nims 300 will be February 15, 16 and 17 Friday thru Sunday and March 1, 2 and 3rd. Friday thru Sunday. Nims 400 will follow the 300 class. The classes will be held at Underwood-Petersville community center.  

Board Member Committee – Had 3 nominations for board members. Adam McCanless, Brandon Haddock and Tommy Blackburn. Greg Rhodes was also nominated.


BOARD MEMBER REPORTS – Nicky said he was glad to serve on the board. Randy stated that he appreciated the good job Nicky has done. Justin was thanked for working so hard on the website and bylaws.


SPECIAL ELECTION – The new board members are: Adam McCanless (president), Morris Lentz (vice-president), Kristy Bevis (secretary), Steve McEachron (Treasure), Brandon Haddock (Fire Prevention), Randy Brown (Training), Tommy Blackburn (EMA liaison),  Greg Rhodes (Maintenance), Dick Snider (Special Projects).
Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:07 PM.